Small Business

Have you ever wondered how to get your business to the next level? Or, maybe you know how, but just can’t seem to get a strategic plan in place to get there. Perhaps you have executed a plan, however, your business still isn’t where you desire and you don’t know why. DynamX Consulting’s small business division helps businesses break through to the next level. We spend time with you, one on one, and analyze your company, helping you determine key indicators to your business’s performance, goals, and growth and then work with you in developing new strategies to achieve your dreams. Our goal is to come along side your management team to assist you in breaking through.

Our first meeting is a two hour free consultation where we will listen and understand the foundation of your company and your desires and dreams. After that consultation the DynamX team will develop a customized proposal for your organization as to how we could best work together to drive your team to the next level. DynamX welcomes both for profit and not for profit small businesses with special pricing for non-profits. Email us today for your free consultation.